Meet the Crew page


Meet the Crew page


Family Owned


Family Operated


Jaime Samuell

President and Chief Pilot

Back in 2009 Jaime had a vision of doing what he loved for a living. That's when Sierra Aeronautics was born. Named after a loving pet, Jaime carries on the spirit of Sierra in every flight. After obtaining his pilot's license in both fixed wing and rotary, Jaime bought a Bell 47. More than 3,000 flight hours later Jaime is building the dream that one day will be passed down to his son, Carper. Putting safety first and happiness second, your event is sure to be a memorable experience for years to come!



Business Director

Managing a business that is weather dependent is no easy task, but Christy does it in style. While personally giving each rider a safety briefing she has found a way to deliver all the information they need in a way that makes them even more excited to experience a Bell 47.



Jr Chief

Addy, taking after her mother, has developed quite the skill of directing people. Assisting with safety briefings and greeting customers, she is honing her skills to one day take over the role of handling the daily operations of the business



Future Pilot

Carper, the newest member of the crew, is already well on his way to following in his father's footsteps. While heavily inexperienced, Carper is already demonstrating the ability to set schedules and make sure deadlines are met. Even though he is a man of few words, rest assured that he gets the job done and makes sure every last customer leaves with a smile. Being a huge fan of riding in cars, Carper is looking forward to attending your event and greeting everyone!